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Newsletter #118 - The Best Mails Are Opened Mails!
This bulletin was sent out to all opt-in members on 24th Oct 2014 at 09:05
If you didn't receive this email click here for our guaranteed delivery service!
A couple of months ago I began work on a secret
project for marketer extraordinaire, Marty Petrizza.

After weeks of coding, I am pleased to announce her
new, unique "mailer" has now been launched...

It's time to start a new revolution in mailing!

The numbers of mailers out there is staggering.

The number of mailers that are failing is staggering.

The number of mailers that never fulfil the upgrades
purchased by their members is staggering.

It's about time to bring an end to the old way of

GUARANTEED MAILS is going to shake up the mailing
market by delivering mails according to opened,
unique I.P. addresses!

That's right!

Your credits are exchanged for VIEWS, or opened mails.

Upgrades are based on how many opened mails you get -
not how many you can mail to.

After all, you can mail to thousands, but if no-one
opens your mail you are not going to get any results!

The prices are beyond reasonable, and Launch Lifetime
offers are really a "once in a lifetime" opportunity
to get an upgrade that delivers from DAY 1 FOREVER!

Guaranteed Mails delivering exactly what you expect -
or BETTER, Every Time!

It even includes "live stats" so you can watch the clicks
increasing on your Stats page without even refreshing.

I'm very proud of this website and would love you to be a
part of it too.

See you on the inside...

Use promo code "my reward" for a free advertising package
including 2000 credits, 4000 banner credits, 4000 text
ad credits and 400 login ad credits to get you started.

Simon B Kelly
WebCentre Surf

Latest News - Earlier News