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Why do my own tracker logs differ from the used up credits?

This goes for all Traffic Exchanges:
1) Your site loads too slowly and not within the pre-determined allotted time. Keep your site a quick one to load or use a 'splash page' instead and make sure it´s not frequently down or unavailable. Many trackers depends upon images, if a user does not have an image enabled browser their visit may not be logged.
2) Your tracker software is remotely hosted:
Remotely hosted trackers or counters must also load. Trackers often have dificulty when hits come in quickly and in a short period of time. The viewer might have gone on to the next page before the remote tracker has loaded.
3) The URL is not entered correctly, is mis-spelled or is missing a username. Look in your member account area. The URL must start with "http://" or "https://", no breaks, no white spaces, one line only. Remember, our software is calling for your site by the Website ID. The URL itself is your contribution.
4) A visitors browser settings can also affect stats. The way our system works it is impossible for us not to deliver the hits, nor do we have anything to gain from it.

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