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My Websites - How do I advertise the websites that I want to promote?

Log in to your account and click the 'My Websites' link just below the 'Members' link near the top of the page. You can now add the address of the website that you want to promote in the Target Link text box and press the 'Add Website' button. A valid website must begin with http:// or https://. Your link will be tested and you will be asked to confirm that your website look okay, without violating our terms of service. If you only see your own page, without our confirmation bar at the top of the page, it's a frame breaker and is not allowed. Click the back button and enter a different website. If pop-ups appear or you get an alert from your pop-up blocker that the website contains pop-ups it is also not allowed. Wait for the countdown timer to finish and for your website to finish loading, then either click the link to make changes or click the 'Confirm' button if everything looks okay.

The link you have just confirmed will now be given a unique Website ID number and should appear at the top of your list, just below your stats, highlighted in green. Next to the Website ID is a 'Blocked?' column. This tells you how many members (if any) have chosen to Block that particular Website ID from appearing during their surf session. Members block websites for lots of reasons - it could be simply because they are already a member of what you're promoting, or perhaps the page has audio that they find irritating or maybe they're just fed up of seeing the same page over and over again. If you find that a lot of members are blocking one of your links then you may want to consider changing the page - otherwise it's nothing to worry about. In fact, having a Website ID blocked saves you wasting credits advertising it to a member who is not interested in it. To ensure the Block feature works properly, it is not possible to Edit links but you can Pause or Delete links that you no longer wish to advertise. Paused links are highlighted in grey and the 'Pause' link changes to an 'Activate' link. If one of your links is reported and found to be breaking our terms of service it will be Disabled by admin. Disabled links are highlighted in red and the 'Pause' link changes to a 'Test' link. To replace this link click the 'Delete' link next to it and add a new link in the Target Link text box.

Each unique link should only be added once to your list of websites. You will NOT receive additional hits based on the number of links entered as WebCentre Surf uses a custom algorithm based solely on your membership level and click activity to assign hits.

There is no need to assign credits as available credits will automatically be shared between your active websites. If you are advertising multiple sites and would like some to receive more hits than others we suggest you use our website rotator that includes custom 'weighting' for each link.

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