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Why can't I view other sites?

In the Members Main Area you will see a highlighted link: >>> CLICK HERE TO START VIEWING FOR CREDITS! <<<
This will open up the surfbar that you need to use to earn credits. The surfbar includes a countdown timer on the left hand side and a banner ad on the right hand side. The surfbar has been optimized for viewing at 800x600 resolution or above. If your maximum resolution is 640x480 you may need to use a wheel-mouse to scroll the surfbar up and down so that you can see where to click.

If your User ID # does not appear on the surfbar and/or an additional surfbar appears warning you that you may not be logged in, please check your browser settings to ensure cookies are enabled.

If the countdown timer does not appear then you either have javascript disabled or are using an incompatible browser.

To check your javascript settings in IE6 go to:
Tools --> Internet Options.
Click on the Security tab.
For javascript to work your security level should be set to Medium.

To check your javascript settings in Mozilla/Firefox go to:
Tools --> Options.
Click on the 'Web Features' icon.
Make sure the box next to 'Enable Javascript' is checked.

In between the timer and the banner ad there should be 4 lines of text:

The top line is a status message which will tell you how many credits (if any) you have just earned.

The next line include the links [Open], [Block], [Report] and [Members].
[Open] opens the current site being displayed in a new window for you to explore in more detail.
[Block] will block the Website ID of the current site from appearing again during your surf session. You can use this link if you find the site offensive, irritating or you are just fed up of seeing it over and over again! A new window will open showing a list of sites you have blocked so far. When you are ready, close the Blocked Websites page and your surfbar should return into focus.
[Report] allows you to report any of the previous 100 sites you have visited if you think that are breaking our terms and conditions.
[Members] closes the surfbar and returns you to the Main Members Area.

The next line includes your current stats followed by your User ID number:
Visited is how many sites you have visited.
Hits is how many hits you received in return.
Left is how many credits are left in your account.

Finally, a text link ad, shown in bold yellow text may appear on the bottom line. Clicking this will open the related website in a new window.

Once the countdown timer has finished you can move on to another site by simply clicking a matching image or button - this is a security measure to ensure that a real person is viewing your site for the minimum time required and not an automated click program. You will come across other anti-cheat measures as you click, so stay alert! There are also Bonus credit pages where you can earn free credits and Focus 4 Loyalty Points.

Click here to test our surfbar...

You can also earn credits by getting new members to join WebCentre Surf using your referral URL. Each time they view for credits you will automatically earn credits too. This is a comfortable way to create free traffic. The more members in your downline the more credits you will earn. You will find banners and splash pages that you can use to promote WebCentre Surf in the Members Area.

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