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Manage Your Cash - How do I use my WebCentre Surf Cash Balance?

Your WebCentre Surf Cash Balance can be used for buying yourself, or your direct referrals, a Hits Package or Upgrade at a discount price. Click the 'Manage Your Cash' link and follow the instructions. If you do not have enough cash in your WebCentre Surf account to buy the item you want, you can Deposit Cash using e-gold. This option is handy as e-gold do not offer a recurring subscription facility.

The time remaining on your upgraded membership is shown in the Members Main Area. Each upgrade lasts exactly 30 days from the very second your payment is processed! Additional purchases will extend the expiry date so it is possible to pay for your upgrade annually by simply buying additional months with your WebCentre Surf Cash Balance. If you change your upgrade to a higher or lower level you will automatically receive credits for each hour outstanding on the alternate membership. These are equivalent to what you would have paid if you had originally used the money to buy a hits package.

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