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Promote - Why and how should I promote WebCentre Surf?

Promoting WebCentre Surf can earn you additional traffic AND cash! Every time your referral page is shown to a unique I.P. address you earn .1 of a credit, so simply sending 10 visitors to our home page will result in one of our members viewing one of your ads/websites.

If any of the visitors you send sign up for a free WebCentre Surf account they will be listed on your Referral page and you will earn a percentage of all credits they earn from surfing.

When they have surfed 20 pages you will be awarded a referral point in our monthly contest. When they have surfed 100 pages you will be awarded up to 100 Bonus Credits (depending on your membership level).

You earn commission from all purchases (credits, startpages and upgrades) made by your referrals. This is set as:
10% for Free surfers
20% for Student surfers
30% for Pro surfers
40% for Instructors
All commissions are added automatically to your cash balance and can be cashed out via PayPal/AlertPay or used for your own purchases.

You are encouraged to keep in contact with your referrals by using our internal messaging system. This will give you an opportunity to get to know them and will make them more responsive to visiting websites that you may later recommend to them.

It's easy to promote WebCentre Surf! Simply log in and click on the 'Promote' link for a selection of banners and splash pages that you can use, all of which will be encoded with your unique referral ID.

If you have your own webspace you can copy and paste the banner code into the HTML of one of your pages. Or you can simply add links to your referral page or one of our splash pages. The splash pages are particularly effective for advertising in other traffic exchange programs as they only take a couple of seconds to read and encourage an immediate call to action.

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