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Blocked Sites - How can I block sites that I don't want to look at anymore?

If you do a lot of surfing you may come across some sites that you would rather not have to view. For example, sites with built-in audio and video messages, flash presentations or promotions for items that you have absolutely no interest in.

If you come across an offensive or irritating site, just click the [Block] link on the surfbar and the Website ID associated with it will immediately be taken out of rotation so that you never have to see it again! A new window will open up with your list of blocked websites. Simply close it to continue surfing. The only time the website will reappear is if another user is also promoting it, or if you choose to Unblock it. Free Surfers can block up to 5 pages, upgraded members can block 10, 15 or even 20 at Instructor level! You still have the option of reporting the site if it breaks our terms and conditions but it's no longer necessary to worry about sites that only play up in certain browsers or on certain PCs.

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