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PM Inbox - How does the internal messaging system work?

As a member of WebCentre Surf you are allowed to use our internal messaging system to communicate with other members. This can be used free of charge as a means of introducing yourself to those in your immediate upline and downline.

When you send a Private Message to another member you can attach credits from your account that they can claim by clicking a link that will be tagged on to the bottom of the message. You will receive an email alert whenever someone sends you a new message unless you choose to opt-out of notifications which can be done at any time by unchecking a box and updating your preferences on the 'My Inbox' page.

You will also be alerted to new messages whenever you are on a member page via a banner just below the menu, or when you are surfing via a banner above or below the surfbar. Clicking on it will take you to your inbox when you can read, reply and delete messages.

Your inbox will receive messages from admin, your sponsor and your direct referrals. You can also choose to receive promotional messages from other members which can earn you a minimum of 10 credits by simply opening them and clicking on the credit link at the bottom of the message. These are a great way of boosting your credits with minimum effort. You can opt-out of receiving bulk messages by unchecking a box and updating your preferences on the 'My Inbox' page.

There is also an option to receive email notifications whenever you receive a new Private Message. These notifications are not sent out for any of the "bulk messages" you may receive (the ones that include the Bonus Credits at the bottom) but only for Private Messages that were intended just for you.

Messages you have sent are stored in your 'Sent Items' box. This list also shows you whether or not the user has opened/read your message and whether they have claimed the credits you attached. This is particulary useful when sending out bulk messages. The 'Opened?' column will show how many members have opened the message along with the total number of messages sent, in the format opened / sent. The 'Credits Claimed?' column shows the total amount of credits claimed and offered, in the format claimed / offered.

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