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Credit Links - What are they and how can I use them as an incentive for people to sign up to my offers?

Credits Links are URLs created on our server that will transfer credits from your account to the account of the user who clicks on the link. For a credit link to work, the user clicking on the link must have, or must sign up for, a WebCentre Surf account. There must also be sufficient credits left in the account that generated the credit link. Credit Links can be limited to new sign ups only or members who sign up after a certain date. They can also be set to expire after a certain time.

Credit Links can be used outside of WebCentre Surf by including them, for example, on a 'Thank you' page, after someone has made a purchase from you, or in promotionial emails. They are a great way of building your WebCentre Surf downline and for rewarding loyal members who sign up to your promotions.

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