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My Rotator - How does the website rotator work?

As a member of WebCentre Surf you are allowed to use our free website rotator service! To access it, log in and click the 'My Rotator' link.

You are assigned a unique rotator link. Whenever this link is requested, it will display a website from the list in your rotator. It will cycle through each website in order and will keep track of how many times each page has been shown.

You can add your rotator link as a target website for rotation in our view frame, and in other traffic exchanges you use, to rotate your pages. There is no admin approval involved. However, if a site is found annoying or illegal we reserve the right to remove it.

To make a page show more frequently than another page you can add "weight" by clicking the weight links. Weight is 1x, 5x or 10x. A page set on 10x will show 10 times more often than a page set on 1x.

You can stop rotation of a page by clicking the 'Pause' link. You can start rotation of a paused page by clicking the 'Activate' link. To delete a page click the X link on that particular line.

You may add up to 100 website addresses to your website rotator.

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