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My Text Ads - How does the text ad rotator work?

Add a text ad by entering the target URL and the ad text and clicking the 'Add Text Ad' button.

Text ads should be a maximum of 32 characters. HTML is not allowed and will be ignored!

Check that your text ad reads okay and that the link works. If not, delete the text ad and add another.

There is no need to assign credits as text ads are displayed for free! However, each time one of your text ads is clicked on it will cost you one credit which will be deducted from your credit balance.

The columns in your Text Ads List are:
ID This is your text ads unique database ID.
Status This can be either:
Active - your text ad is rotating in the system.
Paused - you have paused your text ad to temporarily stop rotation.
Disabled - your text ad has been disabled by admin.
Exposures Your text ad has been shown this many times.
Click thrus Your text ad has been clicked on this many times.
Ad The text of your ad! Click on it and your target URL will open in a new window.
Weight A text ad set to 5 will show 5x more often than a text ad set to 1. Just click one of the linked numbers to set the desired weighting.
Pause Click to temporarily stop text ad from rotating. The link will now read 'Activate'. Click again to enable.
Delete Click to remove your text ad from the system.

Text ad exposure distribution
If all active text ads have the same weight they will all get equal exposure.
By changing weight you are able to distribute more exposure to high-weighted text ads.
By pausing a text ads exposure, distribution to the text ad is stopped and any remaining active text ads will get more exposure.

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