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Why am I not earning any credits?

1. Make sure you are logged in to your account! Clicking the 'Surf' link in the top menu will show a DEMONSTRATION surf-bar unless you are logged in or have a WebCentre Surf cookie with your log in details stored on your PC. Clicking the 'Log Out' link will clear the cookie so you will need to log back in before surfing for credits. To ensure you are logged in click the Members link to get to the Members Main Area, then click the highlighted link:
>>> CLICK HERE TO START SURFING <<< to earn credits.

2. You must have javascript and session cookies enabled.

3. Make sure you are clicking the correct button/image when the surfbar timer finishes.

4. You may have accidentally opened a second WebCentre Surf surfbar.

5. Your account may have been suspended due to activity violating our terms.

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