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Why am I not getting any hits to my websites?

To receive hits to your websites you must have surfed at least 20 pages to fully activate your account. You must also have at least one valid URL listed on your 'My Websites' page which has not been Paused or Disabled. To continue receiving hits to your websites your account must have credits available. You can either surf for credits or purchase a hits package. Upgraded members receive bonus credits every month which are evenly distributed amongst their sites. However, the more you surf, the more credits you will earn and the more hits your websites will receive in return!

We reward regular surfers and you will receive your hits a lot quicker by surfing 100 or more sites a week, than if you just surf for one day each month. Free members MUST surf at least 20 sites every two weeks to keep their sites in rotation. Alternatively, free members can purchase hits which will ensure guaranteed delivery without clicking.

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