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What are the surf ratios for WebCentre Surf?

WebCentre Surf offers Dynamic Surf Ratios so every member has the opportunity of earning one credit for every page they view (i.e. 1:1 surf ratio).

Every day that you surf 100 or more sites at WebCentre Surf your surf earnings will improve by .1 of a credit.

So for free members earning .4 a page view this means an increase to .5 after just one day. Surf 100 sites the next day and it will jump to .6, and so on, right up to a maximum of 1 credit per page view, which is now possible in just six days!

If you can't manage 100 sites every day, don't worry - your improved surf ratio won't drop straight away. In fact, it will only go down by .02 each day, meaning once it increases, it will take five days to go back down to what it was before.

Changes to your surf ratio will take place automatically just after MIDNIGHT GMT each day.

You can see exactly how much you are earning per click in the Members Area when you log in and every time you click a correct button on the surfbar (look for the bold yellow text that says "You have just earned x.xx credits!")

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