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What are PTP sites and why can't I advertise them in WebCentre Surf?

PTP stands for Paid-To-Promote. Often this means that you get paid for displaying a page that the PTP site generates using iframes, banners and links provided by other members.

All PTP pages are banned from WebCentre Surf. There are several reasons for this:
1. The pages they get you to promote generally take ages to load as they are requesting information from multiple domains.
2. They end up looking a mess as they are usually made up of a mixture of banners, various sized frames, frames within frames, frames on top of frames, etc.
3. The members promoting these pages are unable to control the content of the ads which ocassionally contain viruses and spyware or trigger multiple pop-ups.
4. Most PTP site owners do not monitor the content of what is being promoted on their sites making them an ideal breeding ground for malicious and illegal content.

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