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Report A Site - When should I report a site and how do I go about it?

Surfing for credits requires you to simply click on an image or button every so often. To keep your surfing as smooth as possible:

- We DO NOT allow sites containing pop-ups, pop-behinds, pop-unders.
- We DO NOT allow alert message boxes, home-page hijackers or forced downloads.
- We DO NOT allow pages breaking out of frames or any other behaviour found inappropriate or annoying.
- As this website is designed for English readers, target sites must display in English.
- No porn or sex oriented sites.
- No casino or gambling related sites.
- No Paid-To-Promote sites.

Should you come across a website that breaks any of these rules you should report it by clicking the [Report] link on the surfbar. Sometimes, though, this isn't possible as you may discover the surfbar has disappeared altogether! If you can see a white space where the surfbar should be then it may just be that the page has not loaded properly - try refreshing to see if it reappears. If the surfbar still doesn't show then the current site may be a "framebreaker". Framebreakers are websites containing code designed to break the page out of any other frame it might occur within. Our surf page contains 2 frames, a top frame and a mainframe. The targeted website will show up in the mainframe. If the targeted website takes over the whole screen it is a framebreaker. If this should happen, log back in to the members area and click the 'Report A Site' link. The offending site should be the one at the top of the list. Click on the 'Report' link next to the URL to alert the user who added it and Admin. If the site is found to a framebreaker we will credit your account with 100 free credits which will be debited from the framebreakers account.

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