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Why can't I log in?

Your welcome email contains a link with your User ID and password embedded which should log you straight in to the Members Main Area. If this link does not work you can enter your details manually by clicking on the 'Members' link. Login details consist of your User ID number (or, if you prefer, your username or email address) and your password. Passwords are case sensitive.

If you haven't received your log in details, or have forgotten your User ID or password, you can get them resent by using the 'Forgotten Details?' link on the login page.

If you still cannot log in, or you find that you are continuously being logged out when you try to view sites, then your browser is not accepting our session cookies. These are used as part of our security system and are necessary for the features we offer.

In IE6 you can actually choose to block all cookies EXCEPT session cookies. This stops sites leaving cookies on your PC but still allows you to enter membership sites and use shopping carts and traffic exchanges that need them. :)

To enable "session cookies only" in IE6 go to:
Tools --> Internet Options.
Click on the Privacy tab.
Click the Advanced button.
Check the box 'Override automatic cookie handling'.
Set both radio buttons to 'Block'.
Check the box 'Always allow session cookies'.
Press OK.

To check your cookie settings in Mozilla/FireFox go to:
Tools --> Options.
Click on the Privacy icon.
If you want to accept all cookies then the box next to 'Allow sites to set cookies' should be checked.
To restrict it to just the originating site (recommended) check the box next to 'for the originating site only' - this will prevent third-party sites within the view frame from setting cookies but will still allow the main site to use one.
If you only want to accept cookies from trusted sites press the 'Exceptions' button, type "" in the text box and press 'Allow'.
Press OK.

If you recently changed your password, or another user was logged in to a different member account on your PC, then you MUST Log Out first to clear any existing cookies.

Click here to log out and clear all WebCentre Surf cookies...

Now try logging in again!

If you are still having problems it may be due to your firewall or anti-virus/security software restrictions. Check your software settings. If your PC is networked check with your system administrator.

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