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Buy Credits - How do I buy hits to my website and can you guarantee delivery?

If you don't have time to surf for credits you can buy them by logging in to the members area and clicking the 'Buy Credits' link. Purchased hits are given priority delivery and your membership will remain active, without surfing, while your credits are being delivered. Your websites should be receiving around 100 hits in total per day so 1000 hits should be delivered within two weeks. 2500 hits should last you for around one month. We do not waste your credits showing your site repeatedly to the same members. As surfing is limited to 400 sites a day and there are usually more than this number of sites in rotation, your website will probably be viewed only once by each member surfing that day. Delivery times are not guaranteed and your credits may be used up faster or slower depending on the number of active surfers each day. We do our best to keep our members active and are confident that you will be pleased with the results of your purchase.

After clicking on your preferred payment processor button you are taken to a secure order form to complete your order.

Credits are added to your account immediately after purchase and will be evenly distributed to your target URLs, or they can be used for sending solo ads to members using our internal private messaging system.

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