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Daily Stats - Where can I find more details on all the credits I've earned and where they have all gone?

Log in to your account and click the 'Daily Stats' link to see how many pages you have surfed and how many hits you have received each day. The dates are based on the GMT clock so pages surfed late in the evening or early in the morning may show up under a different date to the time zone you are in. Stats from previous months can be accessed by selecting a different month from the drop-down box.

To verify the stats shown in your Members area, or for more details on who is visiting your sites, we recommend you use your own ad tracking software. ProfitRally and JoeShmo200 are two sites, listed on your 'Downline Builder' page, that provide a free tracking service. There are also many companies that can provide you with detailed tracking stats for a small monthly fee.

All credits you earn are automatically assigned to the active websites you have listed on your 'My Websites' page. Each user will receive hits based on their surfing activity, membership level and whether or not they have purchased hits that are still pending. The algorithm we use involves awarding points to each user at the start of a cycle and then randomly choosing a user with points and displaying one of their sites until all the points in the system have been used up. When this happens, the points are awarded again depending on a users current status and a new cycle begins. This method allows us to finely tune exactly how fast hits are delivered to each category of user. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

1. To start with, each user is awarded points depending on their membership type. That's 1 point for free members. 2, 3 or 4 for upgraded members.
2. Users who have purchased a hit package and have outstanding credits are given extra points.
3. Another point is earned if they have surfed 20 or more sites this week.
4. Another point is earned if they have surfed 100 or more sites this week.
5. Another point is earned if they surfed 20 or more sites last week.
6. Another point is earned if they surfed 100 or more sites last week.
7. I then DEDUCT a point if there has been no surfing during the last two weeks. This means that free members who have not surfed at least 20 pages during the last two weeks or have not purchased hits will have "nil points" and therefore will not get their sites seen. No longer can free members just refer new members and live off their referral credits. They MUST SURF at least 20 pages every two weeks if they want their sites to be seen!

In line with most other traffic exchanges, there is a limit on the number of pages you can surf each day. This is to prevent user credits being drained by a few over-active surfers and to avoid any abuse of our buy-back credits feature. Most regular surfers stick to surfing around 20 to 50 pages at a time on each traffic exchange that they use. Some like to go for the big 100 or even more. Of course, if you're surfing long hours trying to rack up credits, you won't be able to concentrate on the pages being displayed. The maximum you are allowed to surf on WebCentre Surf is set at 1000 pages a day. This will allow you to view just about every site in the system that has credits available and prevent you from seeing the same sites over and over again.

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