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Credit Claims - How do I get back all the unclaimed credits I have offered?

Log in to members area and click the 'View Transfers' link near the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Credit Claims page. Whenever you send or receive a Private Message from another member that contains a credit transfer, it will be listed here. The status of each transfer will be shown as follows:

Pending - The link to transfer the credits has not yet been clicked.
Transferred - The credits have successfully been transferred to the recipient's account.
Unclaimed - If the link is not clicked within 3 days, status will change to unclaimed. The sender can recover the credits at any time, either individually - by clicking the hyperlink in the status column, or all together by clicking on the total shown here.
Returned - Unclaimed credits that have been returned to the sender's account.

The stats for credits you have sent using the bulk mailing options can be found on the 'Sent Items' page. The totals are added on to those shown on your 'Credit Claims' page and can be reclaimed by clicking on the total shown as Unclaimed.

Any external credit links you have created are dealt with separately as no credits are removed from your account until the link is clicked. The stats for your external credit links can be found on the 'Credit Links' page.

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