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Referral Builder - How does the referral builder work?

There are now so many sites offering to build your downline in their chosen programs that it can become quite tedious having to fill out all those referral ID boxes on every new program you join, especially when you're not seeing any results for your efforts. However, some of the dedicated referral builder programs can be very effective at building a team as long as you concentrate on promoting just one of them at a time. The programs listed on the WebCentre Surf Referral Builder page contain a wealth of tools and resources to assist you in your marketing efforts. You don't have to join them all but they are all worth exploring so that you can decide which ones will work best for you.

Click the logos on the left hand side of the Referral Builder page for more information on a program or to join. This will make you a referral of your nearest upline member who has already entered their referral IDs.

Once you've joined, or if you are already a member, fill in your ID name or number in the box on the right and click the 'Update' button near the bottom of the page. Once updated you can test your IDs work by clicking on the logos on the left hand side. They should now contain your referral IDs and will appear on this page to all your WebCentre Surf referrals. The IDs "flow through" so if someone below you doesn't fill in their IDs, your IDs will also appear on their referrals pages, and so on, down an unlimited number of levels.

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