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Log Out - When should I log out?

Each time you log in to your WebCentre Surf account, a cookie is set on your PC with your User ID number and password. This allows you to stay logged in to your account even if your session ID number should change. If you share your PC with anyone else it is advisable to Log Out whenever you finish using your account. This will delete the cookie and will prevent anyone else from accessing your account without your log in details. You will also need to Log Out if you decide to change your password as this is the only reliable way to update the cookie details.

If you are the only person using your PC there is no need to Log Out and for as long as the cookie is present on your PC you should automatically be logged in everytime you visit the site. This will allow to surf straight away by simply clicking the 'Surf' link on our homepage or by storing the surf-link in your favourites.

Please be aware that surfing when you are not logged in will bring up the DEMO surf account. This is clearly visible by the extra banner at the top of the screen and the status message of 'You are not logged in.'

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