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Send A Solo Ad - How do I send out a Solo Ad to all members?

If you'd like to promote your opportunity to as wide an audience as possible, you can now do so by sending a personalized Private Message to all opt-in members.

Log in to your account and click the 'PM Inbox' link on the right-hand side. A new row of links will appear below it - click on the one that says 'Send A Solo Ad'. The message will be addressed from your username. In the 'To:' column it will show the current number of opt-in members that will receive your message. Now add the Subject line and Message body in the appropriate boxes. The tag [username] will be replaced with the receiving members username when the message is delivered.

Click 'Save message' to save your ad in the database. You can store up to 3 ads that can be retrieved from this page simply by clicking the relevant link next to 'Solo Ad:' or the Ad links at the bottom of the page.

A link will automatically be generated and included at the bottom of the message for the member to claim 10 bonus credits. When they click on it, the surfbar will open and the credits will be transferred. You can specify the URL that will appear in the frame above or below the surfbar in the 'Link:' box. This is particulary useful for promotional messages as it ensures that all members who have claimed your credits have viewed your offer.

When you are ready to send your message click the 'Send NOW' button. Your message will immediately be sent to all opt-in members as long as the following criteria are met:

i) You are an Upgraded member (either Student, Pro Surfer, Instructor or V.I.P.)
ii) You have 1000 or more credits available in your credit balance.
iii) You have not already sent out a Solo Ad in the same month.

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