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Where are all the Bonus credits?

Every 50 pages you surf entitles you to play our '10 questions - 1000 credits' quiz for a chance to win between 2 and 1000 free credits! The game is de-activated if you win over 1000 credits from it in a week so occasionally it may not appear. You can check its current status by following the link to the scoreboard from the 'Contests' page.

For every member you refer to WebCentre Surf you will receive a minimum of 100 credits when they surf 100 pages.

There are also contests that reward our regular surfers with free upgrades, cash prizes and Bonus credits. Click the 'Contests' link for the latest stats and for a link to our recently completed competitions.

You can earn yourself 100 free credits if you are the first person to report a framebreaker.

You get .1 free credit for every unique hit to your referral pages.

Finally, there are hundreds of Bonus pages displayed every day offering Focus 4 Loyalty Points and credits that you can claim simply by clicking on them before they disappear!

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