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What is WebCentre Surf?

WebCentre Surf is a manual "traffic exchange" program that sends thousands of real visitors to members websites every day.

It is FREE to join, FREE to use and can send FREE targeted visitors to your website for as long as your account remains active.

The idea of a traffic exchange is simple - every time you look at a page from another members website you earn a credit (or part of a credit, depending on your membership level). Every time one of your pages is shown to another member it costs you a credit.

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Of course, not every member has time to click for credits so we have added the option to buy credits or upgrade your membership. Upgraded members receive free credits every month and a host of additional benefits. However, you are under no obligation to buy credits or upgrade - in fact, we need free members who are willing to click for credits to make this program work!

The surf ratio for Free Surfers is 5:2 which means for every 5 sites you view you earn 2 views of your website. There are plenty of bonus credits that can be won along the way, though, especially with our `10 Questions - 1000 Credits´ game that appears after every 50 sites surfed. We also reward our regular surfers and referrers with bonus credits each month.

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