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Everything you need to know about using this program should be covered in the FAQs below.

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1. What is WebCentre Surf?

2. How does it work? How do I get other members viewing my websites?

3. Why can't I log in?

4. Why can't I view other sites?

5. My Websites - How do I advertise the websites that I want to promote?

6. Why am I not getting any hits to my websites?

7. Why do my own tracker logs differ from the used up credits?

8. Why am I not earning any credits?

9. Why do I never see my own websites, banners or text ads while surfing?

10. Where are all the Bonus credits?

11. My Banners - How does the banner rotator work?

12. My Text Ads - How does the text ad rotator work?

13. My Rotator - How does the website rotator work?

14. Credit Links - What are they and how can I use them as an incentive for people to sign up to my offers?

15. PM Inbox - How does the internal messaging system work?

16. Send A Solo Ad - How do I send out a Solo Ad to all members?

17. Log Out - When should I log out?

18. Referrals - Where are all my referral stats?

19. Profile - How can I change my account details?

20. Purchases - Where can I keep track of the money I have spent?

21. Referral Builder - How does the referral builder work?

22. Credit Claims - How do I get back all the unclaimed credits I have offered?

23. Daily Stats - Where can I find more details on all the credits I've earned and where they have all gone?

24. Blocked Sites - How can I block sites that I don't want to look at anymore?

25. Promote - Why and how should I promote WebCentre Surf?

26. Upgrade - What are the benefits of upgrading?

27. Buy Credits - How do I buy hits to my website and can you guarantee delivery?

28. Sell Credits - Can I make money by selling back my credits to you?

29. Transfer Credits - How do I transfer credits to another member?

30. Manage Your Cash - How do I use my WebCentre Surf Cash Balance?

31. Report A Site - When should I report a site and how do I go about it?

32. Why has one of my sites been reported?

33. Why has my account been suspended?

34. How do I cancel my paid subscription?

35. What other features are there available to WebCentre Surf members?

36. How do I personalize my referral page and splash pages?

37. How do I delete my account?

38. What are surfing points and referral points?

39. What are PTP sites and why can't I advertise them in WebCentre Surf?

40. Why do I get newsletter updates via email but I cannot retrieve my account details?

41. What are the surf ratios for WebCentre Surf?

42. What is Start Page Credit?

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